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Join The Stretching Boutique's Movement


#Lets Get Stretched

So many people are suffering from muscle pain, commonly caused by muscle shortening or a sedentary lifestyle. This pain can be easily resolved by correctly stretching the involved muscles back to a natural or “Neutral” state.

Tight Muscles cause pain! Relieving muscle tightness, preventing injuries, and treating injuries is actually very straight forward when we look at how the body breaks down and how it repairs itself. Our pain relieving full-body healing movements can help relieve your pain.

The Stretching Boutique offers various stretching modalities that will restore movement in your joints, flexibility in your muscles, relieve pain, stimulate your cells to increase energy, and boost your immune health. 

Our gentle full-body movement programs include Essentrics & Classical Stretch, Self-myofascial Release (SMR), Muscle Contract & Lengthen, and more.  

Do you want to join the Movement and Get Stretched?  Book a class and join us!

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