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Getting Under Your Skin

What is that one thing that really gets under your skin?

My friend had a doctor’s appointment today regarding pain affecting the back, hip, and outer side of the leg. She really enjoys exercise, mainly cardio and strength building. She shared with me that her physician said to discontinue exercising for a period of time, but she can “Stretch.” The message from her physician really got under my skin. I said, with an incredulous look, say again. She repeated the statement.

It seems that my friend’s physician does not consider stretching a form of exercise. According to the Physical Guidelines for Americans, flexibility is an important part of exercising. The guidelines also state that stretching exercises are effective in increasing flexibility, thereby allowing people to more comfortably carry out activities that require greater flexibility.

If you’re like most people, you’re looking for safe and effective methods to stay healthy and exercising is an excellent option. A great starting point is knowing what’s really going on under your skin, if you don’t stretch. For starts, your muscles, fascia, joints, and trigger points get angry. How do you know? Aches, pains, and discomforts start to show. For example, have you ever cricked your neck while checking your blind spot? Wrenched your back while bending over to pick up or put on a shoe? Felt all-over sore after cleaning your home?

Guess what’s happing? Your muscles are shortening and becoming tight. The tight muscles start to pull on joints and trigger significant pain and discomfort. Carrying out simple activities like picking up or putting on a shoe becomes challenging. Stretching can help alleviate all this—and so much more. Yet most of us never take the time to do it.

The truth is, getting under your skin with 30 minutes of stretching to restore your muscles, fascia, and joints can help you feel brand new! Unlike some physical activities, stretching can be done even if you are injured or in pain. In fact, it might be just what your physician recommends.

Come Join the Stretching Boutique for an Essentrics Dynamic Stretching class. You’re going to like the way you feel. I Guarantee it!

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